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When Were Cars Invented? About Cars


Let’s Reveal About the History of Cars in the World

The word car is short for Autocar derived from the Greek “autos” which means itself and Latin “movere” which means to move. The beginning of the history of cars in the world is a long process because the car itself is a vehicle consisting of various components that support its operation.

The development of cars in the world has grown rapidly in this modern era, from cars in the world fueled by gasoline, cars in the world with electric power, cars in the world using heat and sunlight or solar power.

So is the shape of the car itself, with a variety of models as well as a variety of luxurious exteriors and elegant interiors. The sophistication of electricity for the device is also made with computerized settings. Until no wonder the price of cars in the world today up to billion rupiahs.

Steam Powered Cars

Steam Powered Cars

The history of the world’s first car began in 1769 when French scientist Nicolas J. Cugnot created a 3-wheeled vehicle with a large enough body and driven by a steam engine.

At that time Cugnot made cars in this world for the purposes of transporting cannons on the battlefield. His creation can not be said to be perfect because it is still very simple, so he has experienced several accidents.

Nicolas J. Cugnot’s work attracted other engineers and followed in his footsteps to make cars in the world. As did William Murdock who collaborated with James Watt of England in creating a similar steam-engined vehicle in 1784.

Then there are also some other scientists who created cars in the world of similar steam engines such as Richard Trevitchik, Sir G. Gurnay who in 1830 cars in the world of his creation were able to travel at a speed of 20 km / h.

Until the end of the 19th century, steam-engined vehicles continued to emerge, although the engines used were often troubled by exploding. In addition, the machine has a quieter sound and does not produce a thick smoke that interferes.

Entering the mid-19th century the development of cars in the world began to develop rapidly, at that time scientists began to design the concept of vehicles with other fuel engines. In 1860 a French engineer, Joseph E. Lenoir, built an engine with a mixture of coal and gas and atmospheric air.

The Birth of Gasoline-Fueled Cars

The Birth of Gasoline-Fueled Cars

But in 1886, a German citizen had the development of a car in the world with gasoline. The history of the world’s first car with gasoline is called Carl Benz.

Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach of Stuttgart also developed cars in the world with gasoline at about the same time. In 1879, Carl Benz completed its discovery and became the first patented history of the world’s cars.

A new invention that is the car in the world with a two-stroke engine model was finally patented to George B. Selden in 1895, History found the world’s first car with a spectacular engine model was also a breakthrough for Berta Benz in 1888.

In the space of several years, finally some models and types of cars in the world, namely steam, electric and gasoline power in that year experienced competition. The production of cars in the world with large scale and affordable prices at that time, in 1902 by Oldsmobil became rapidly growing. Then in 1910, it was further developed by Henry Ford.

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