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What’s the Difference between a Sedan and a Coupe?


Coupe and sedan are 2 models of most popular cars. So, what’s the difference between a sedan and a coupe? You have to understand it well before you decide to buy a car. They are clearly different but they also have similarities. In this article, let’s see the differences in detailed further.

Performances of Sedan and Coupe

One of the differences between sedan and coupe can be seen from its performance. Coupes have shorter wheelbase & lighter curb weight. So, the performance is usually better including the braking and acceleration performance. On the other hand, sedans are heavier but usually offer optional engine upgrade to add powers and improve handling & performance.

Exterior Styles of Sedan and Coupe

Coupes come with 2 doors so that they look sportier. Besides that, they also have longer rear windows ^ doors. It makes coupes look great so that parking in a small area will be challenging. On the other side, sedans usually come with luxurious appearance & feel. They also have shorter doors. Anyway, the exterior style looks balanced.

Interior of Sedan and Coupe

What’s the difference between a sedan and a coupe? Coupes usually offer different amounts of interior space. So, you have to choose the coupes that feel comfortable for you. On the other hand, sedans always prioritize headroom and leg room. In addition, sedan also usually can carry 5 passengers.

Cargo Space of Sedan and Coupe

Sedans are longer than coupes. So, it is clear that sedans have more spacious cargo in the trunk. With spacious cargo space, you can carry more groceries. With less space of cargo, coupes are not as loose as sedans. However, some coupes let the passengers to fold the seats to create the bigger cargo space.


What are the differences between a sedan and a coupe? We have discussed it all above. Now, it is time to choose which is better for you. In this case, you have to consider the look, feel and performance before selecting your choice. However, you cannot skip about the features.

In conclusion, sedans are heavier but they offer optional engine upgrades. So, if you want a car with sportier look, coupe will be your better choice. On the other hand, if you want some bigger car with optional engine upgrades, you should consider a sedan. Hopefully the discussion about what’s the difference between a sedan and a coupe can help you to find your ideal car.

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