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What Is the Difference Between a Sedan and a Coupe from Its Exterior and Performance?


Sedan and coupe are two different styles of car to choose one from. Well, yes, they are pretty similar to each other. However, you need to make sure that you know how to tell them apart. What is the difference between a sedan and a coupe? The major difference is the size, but there are more aspects you can take into account to help you differ one from another. Among those aspects, there are exterior and performance. Let’s see what’s so different between those car styles when it comes to their exterior as well as performance.

Exterior Style in the Coupe and Sedan

How can you tell the difference from their exterior style? Although it is not always the case, coupe tends to remove two doors in favor of sportier look. Thanks to that, the doors and windows become much longer. It might be a bit difficult for parking, but it looks great. Meanwhile, sedan prefers luxurious look and feel you get from having four doors. As you can imagine, it offers shorter doors, making us easy to enter and exit. This is exactly the difference of sedan and coupe from the exterior that you need to keep in mind for sure.

Performance in the Coupe and Sedan

Coupe pays attention to acceleration and braking performance. To boost them, car manufacturers would have it designed with shorter wheelbase and lighter curb weight. After all, it is known to be sportier kind. Now, you see that it is not just about the look only. On the other hand, sedan is known to be heavier. If you want better performance, you will have to go for one with better engines, like V6 instead of the four-cylinder one. Performance difference in sedan and coupe is simply like that, but very much important to know of.


Indeed, the size especially the interior one is the precise aspect to tell the difference between the two. Others, like exterior and performance might have exceptions here and there. Even so, they could help you conclude the difference better. Take the interior into account first. Next, you can consider the rest of the aspects above. Then, you should be able to find the answer to what is the difference between a sedan and a coupe. You won’t mistake one from the other anymore and find the car that meets your needs for sure.

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