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What Is the Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan or Are They the Same?


Once you search through the Internet to look for new car to buy, we are sure that you must have found cars claimed to be either coupe or sedan. At first glance, both cars have the same compact body. If that’s the case, are they actually one and the same? No, don’t mistake the two since they are two different cars to pick. What is the difference between a coupe and a sedan then? You need to see further than just glancing at it once. Now, let’s use this opportunity to find out about that.

Not the Doors but the Space They Do Have

When it comes to this, you might have thought that coupe is two-door car, while sedan is four-door one. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. The actual difference lies in its size. Coupe is basically smaller than sedan. The interior space coupe could give can be less than 33 cubic feet. On the other hand, sedan is just about 33 cubic feet or even greater than that. This is the exact measurement you can base the difference of coupe and sedan car types on. We must say this is the major aspect of all.

The Number of the Seat Rows in the Cabin

Although it does not include as major aspect to determine the coupe and sedan’s difference, it is still worth taking it into consideration. As you might have known, coupes are sportier in its design. With less room in its interior, there are front row seats only in coupe. Meanwhile, sedan has enough space for front and rear row seats in it, making it closer to family car indeed. Well, coupe might have rear row too, but the space wouldn’t allow for adults to sit on it. You could really imagine it, for sure.


From the discussion above, we can come to the conclusion that the main aspect to determine what is the difference between a coupe and a sedan is actually its size. If the interior is lower than 33 cubic feet, it is coupe. If it is about that size or greater, it is sedan. Coupe would usually have front row seats to offer. On the other hand, sedan has enough to offer you two rows instead. See if the car of your choice includes as either one more. Then, that would much answer your question, for sure.

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