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Tips in Buying Used 2009 Honda Accord Sedan


2009 Honda Accord sedan include in one of the well product of Honda. Well, although it is an old product version of Honda, some people still look for this product. Yes, buying used car sometimes becomes the solution to get the good car with cheaper price than the new one.

The old Accord actually is also great in its specification. For the detail, it offered the classic sedan concept of Honda. It applied the simple bumper and headlights, which make this car looked great in the street. Then, the engine of this old car was also good as its reason why this car was special in its prime time.

Yes, for the engine specs, the 2009 Honda Accord has 2.0L V4 base engine. The base engine was good with its 10.5:1 compression and 177 horsepower in maximal power. It was good engine specs in 2009, which provided the enjoyable journey. However, when you want to buy this car in used condition, we have several tips to help you finding the used car with good condition. Please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Set the Budget

I am sure that buying the used car is good for budget. Yes, with the lower price, you do not need to spend more money in buying the car. However, you still need to set the budget. In this case, we assume that the price of used 2009 Accord is around $12,000. However, the price is quite fluctuate depends on the condition of the car.

Check the Car’s History

It is also good for you to know the history of the car. Checking the history of the car is needed to know what happen to the car in its past. By this checking, you also will know if the owner did some significant changes of the car.

See the Detail Features

Before dealing, you also need to see the features of 2009 Honda Accord sedan. In this case, please check both exterior and interior of the car. You need to see all features and make sure that there is no broken part of the old Accord.

Doing the Test Drive

Well, finally, you need to do the test drive. It is the key before making deal. By doing the test drive, you could see the condition of the 2009 Honda Accord’s engine. Of course, you also need to make sure that the engine is still good. Besides, please skip the car when the engine is worse and cannot give stable performance.

Well, that is all about tips in buying 2009 Honda Accord sedan. Please remember, be selective in buying used car!

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