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Some Factors Why 2010 Honda Accord Sedan is Still Relevant Today


Accord is known as the special sedan type from Honda. This car series have many editions since it released in the first time. Well, one of the best edition of Accord, based on some opinions of customers, is the 2010 Honda Accord sedan. Yes, this edition has been released almost a decade ago. However, the customers of Honda still look for the used condition of this car.

Well, the 2010 edition becomes one of the greatest version of Accord because Honda did many significant changes in that year. In this occasion, we will talk to you about the factors why the 2010 Accord is still relevant to drive today. Of course, it is impossible finding this car in new condition today. So, when you want to have it home, you will be forced to buy the used one.

Then, what are the reasons making this car is still relevant to use today? Please take a sit and read some following writings below wholly.

Sleek and Modern Exterior Design

The Accord edition always comes to the market with the simple look in its body, including the 2010 series. Yes, this car also applies the simple body, which will make it looks elegant. In other hand, what make the exterior of this car special is the use of carbon as the material of body. The use of carbon will decrease the weight of the car, so it has better acceleration.

The exterior of 2010 Honda Accord sedan is also good by its features. The car came with the new concept in front side. The modern bumper was applied with the sharper and simple look. Then, the headlights also came with the new matter, especially the sharper shape and LED technology. For the color of the body, maroon became the greatest color to enjoy.

Impressive Engine

The 2010 Honda Accord also offers the nice engine besides its special look. The base engine of this car is 2.0L V4 turbocharger. It is a good engine for the sedan. By the use of the engine, Accord is able to reach up to 190 horsepower. In other hand, the manufacture also offers other engine specs with V6 cylinder.

Well, the options of the engine could be the consideration which engine is the best for you. Each engine is also good with its turbo technology. By the technology, the engine will offer better acceleration.

That is all saying about 2010 Honda Accord sedan. With the detail specs, the 2010 Honda Accord is still relevant today. We assume that its price today is around $21,000.

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