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Sedan Crater, Sedan Crater Nevada Test Site Nye County, NV, United States to Know About


Have you ever heard of Sedan Crater before? It does not refer to car style, of course. Sedan Crater is actually the site formed by detonated thermonuclear device happening back is 1962. This site can be found in Nevada Test Site in Nye County. However, there is more to the test site if you learn further about it. Not to mention, there is more we can find out about Sedan Crater, Sedan Crater Nevada Test Site Nye County, NV, United States. If you are interested in it, let’s have it discussed further here below. Let’s get down to what matters then.

What to Know of the Nevada Test Site (NTS)

Before we talk about the crater, we need t know about the NTS itself. After all, the crater is part of it. Speaking about the site, NTS is actually remote site that serves as massive outdoor laboratory and national experimental. Measuring 1,350 square miles large, it is divided into many sites and zones. As you might have known, Sedan Crater area in Nevada Test Site US is there among them. Not to mention, a number of programs are also located at its facilities. It is one unique national resource.

Sedan Crater in the Area 10 of the Very Site

Where is the crater located in NTS exactly? Actually, the exact location of the crater is in Area 10 known as the Nuclear Test Zone. It is the first nuclear missile system test location for the nation. Following the first nuclear cratering experiments in 1951 and 1955, the Sedan cratering was then conducted from middle 1962 to early 1991. The detonated thermonuclear happening back in 1962 formed Sedan Crater in Area 10 of Nevada Test Site. It was there to develop nuclear for peaceful use.


Just because particular nation was developing nuclear, it does not mean that they would pose any danger for others. Don’t jump to such conclusion too fast. After all, Sedan Crater, Sedan Crater Nevada Test Site Nye County, NV, United States, is one that contributes for the peaceful uses of nuclear explosives. They were experimenting for the sake of peaceful future we enjoy today. Talking about the place, the crater is actually located in the Area 10 of the Nevada Test Site where other experiments were done along with it too.

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