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3 Safest Car To Buy 2018 The Examplary Options


There are some candidates of the safest car to buy 2018 that you can consider for your pick. If you check the net, you should find some of the best brands with the reliable descriptions and picks. To make it easier, I have narrowed down the list for the best features and promising outcome. Feel free to completely ignore this list and do your own research – everyone is free to make their choice, right?

Genesis G80

When we are talking about the lists of the safest car to buy 2018, we are mostly talking about the safety features. What good does it make to have a stylish and super expensive ride if you can’t rely on it to protect your safety as well as your passengers? One of the things to like about this ride is the myriads of options for the safety features. You can expect to find such things as blind spot monitor, lane keeping assist, front auto emergency brake, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control. This safest car to buy 2018 price is around $43,000 but it is totally worth it because of its excellent rate for collision avoidance.

Hyundai Genesis G80
Hyundai Genesis G80

It is too bad that the low trim comes with HID headlights, which isn’t considered good for IIHS rating. If you choose to get the LED headlights, you will have to spend the extra $10,000 for the so –called Ultimate package. The G80 from Genesis comes in two variant – the G80 Sport which is sold for around $56,000 and the G80 5.0 sold for around $57,000. You can tell that both variants are included as the premium and luxury performance ride.

Hyundai Sonata

2018 Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Sonata

If you prefer mid size sedan for your daily transportation, then this one won’t disappoint you. The safety features are quite impressive. Again, the HID headlights are considered poor by the IIHS rating so you will have to choose a higher trim – or choose an additional package. Sold at around $28,000, Sonata is considered one of the most promising lines without having to spend a fortune. But if you do choose the higher trim, you can enjoy such thing as ventilated and heated seats with leather wrapped model. The safety features include adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brake, auto high beam control, lane keeping assists, and also parking sensors.

Mercy E-Class

If you are looking for one of the safest car to buy 2018, the E-class from Mercy can be the best pick. If you want to know the great features you can expect from this vehicle, imagine taking the E300 sedan (worth $54,500) and then add the Premium 2 package (worth $6600) – it is the same comparison. The E300 sedan is known for the good automatic emergency brake that can deliver superb performance when compared to the LED headlights from the Premium 2 – of course you can also enjoy the cross traffic rear alert, blind spot monitoring, and auto high beam headlights.

2018 Mercy E Class
2018 Mercy E Class

Naturally, there are more to expect about the safest rides because there are plenty of them out there. Do your own research concerning the safest car to buy 2018.


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