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2018 Lincoln Navigator Power And Buff Stance


If you look at the design of the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator, you may not guess that this luxury and plush SUV is actually a truck. Yes, the Navigator has always been known as the truck variant from Lincoln – and with the new design (along with some of the improvements), you can expect new things from the vehicle.

The Pros and Cons

There are some great things to expect from this line, but be prepared for the downsides too. If you expect a luxury SUV that is big and wide, this Navigator should be satisfying enough. The big truck is masked pretty nicely, and the form of SUV design is definitely a promising thing.

2018 Lincoln Navigator
2018 Lincoln Navigator

The things to like about this 2018 Lincoln Navigator are the improved interior cabin. It is plush, roomy, and spacious, and the exclusive arrangement is creating an exclusive effect with comfortable flair. You should find three row seating arrangements that will accommodate passengers. Don’t forget that the engine is punchy and powerful.

One of the downsides is about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator price which starts from around $72,000. But then again, you need to remember that this line is included within the luxury variants. Another downside includes the not-so-impressive fuel economy system. Not to mention that there is truck like sense that still lingers when you drive the vehicle.

About Navigator in General


Lincoln has always been known for their big and massive sedans or coupes, including the SUVs. Although this variant is coming in the SUV construction, it can be exclusive and luxurious. That’s why this variant is quite costly – especially when compared to other lines like Lexus LX, GLS Class from Mercy, or Range Rover from Land Rover.

The Design

The Navigator will be coming in 4 different trims, such as Select, Premiere, Black Label, and Reserve. Both Reserve and Select trims will be available in either long or standard L style wheelbase. The four trims are coming with either four wheel or rear wheel driving system. As the base trim, the Premiere will be sold at around $72,000, while the Reserve is $81,200. Of course, there are additional packages like Technology Package or Velvet Burgundy Tinted paint with their own price range.

2018 Lincoln Navigator design
2018 Lincoln Navigator design

You should realize that the Navigator is pretty catchy. It would be impossible for people not to spot you when you are driving such a huge vehicle on the street. There will be grille light and headlights, along with the basic construction inspired from Expedition (Ford). On the interior cabin, you can expect the exclusive and plush combination of chrome accents, wooden influence, and also leather mix. You will also expect improved features and technologies, including the 12.0 inch of instrument cluster or the 10 inch touchscreen display on the dashboard.

The Engine

The vehicle is coming with V6 EcoBoost twin turbocharged engine with 3.5 liter capacity paired with auto 10 speed transmission, delivering 450 hp of power. Sounds like a promising ride, huh? And since the Navigator is coming with aluminum construction, it is able to shed off its weight up to 200 pounds, affecting the speed and performance. It looks like 2018 Lincoln Navigator is super promising, right?


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