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2018 Lexus RX350L And the Longer RX Variant With Its Promising Features


The design and release of 2018 Lexus RX350L is a part of the company’s efforts to prolong the success of their crossover variants, especially within the RX line. Because the company’s effort to produce the crossover line has been considered successful, the company is now trying to come up with a newer and better innovation. They believe that the longer crossover is the best answer to most transportation issues – and for that purpose, they come up with the RX350L.

The Updates

2018 Lexus RX350L
2018 Lexus RX350L

The longer crossover from Lexus is designed with three row arrangements, divided into RX350L and also RX450hL. The longer 2018 Lexus RX350L is claimed to accommodate 7 people, adding around 4.3 inches to the length. However, they do it without changing the regular RX wheelbase – they simply stretch it out. This RX variant is created to prepare the company against other worthy competitors like QX60 Infiniti or MDX Acura. Lexus RX somehow falls in between the two whereas the Infiniti is longer (3.3 inches) while the Acura is shorter (0.6 inches).

The Design

For the overall design of this RX variant, there is the rear upright window which is meant to maximize the arrangement and layout for the third row seat. The third row seat also comes with power folding 50/50 split along with two cup holders (of course, integrated to the design). The third row seat is able to accommodate 2 extra passengers. The air vents and the climate controls are separated.

2018 Lexus RX350L design
2018 Lexus RX350L design

Unfortunately, the standard leather upholstery doesn’t apply on the third row seat because it comes with ‘only’ vinyl construction. The second row seat is able to accommodate 3 people with 40/20/40 split standard arrangement. But if you choose the optional bucket seats, the second row will only able to accommodate 2 instead of 3 passengers. The total capacity will be reduced to only 6 people.

If all seats are up, the luggage space will come with 7 cubic feet. But if you don’t use the third row seats, you can fold it down and the space will increase to 23 cubic feet. If all the seats are folded down, the total cargo space will be 58 cubic feet – 2 cubic feet bigger than the traditional RX variant.

The Engine

2018 Lexus RX350L engine
2018 Lexus RX350L engine

The 2018 Lexus RX350L will be coming with V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity, delivering a punchy 290 hp of power that is paired with auto 8 speed transmission and front wheel driving system. If you want the all wheel driving system, be ready to spend extra $1500. The RX450hL, on the other hand, will be coming with hybrid engine, pairing electric motors with V6 engine, delivering 308 hp of power with all wheel driving system.

Price and Release Date

It hasn’t been clear about the exact date of the launch, but both of these longer RX variants should be available around Decembers in showrooms. For the 2018 Lexus RX350L price, the base price starts from around $48,600. The hybrid version hasn’t been decided yet, but it may reach around $55,000. If you are interested in 2018 Lexus RX350L, wait for their official release.


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