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2018 Ford Mustang With Modern Muscle Ride Design


According to some of the reviews and auto release, the 2018 Ford Mustang is claimed to deliver better performance with greater outcome and also some promising benefits. Of course, you can always expect more from Ford, especially from their Mustang variant. It is always associated with great performance and reliable sturdiness. And when you combine it with the new design and improved technologies, there are tons of greater outcome to expect from this vehicle.

The Overall Outcome

2018 Ford Mustang
2018 Ford Mustang

The 2018 Ford Mustang price is set around $25,600 for the base trim and the higher one reaches $44,600. With a coupe look and stylish, this Mustang is looking modern and sleek without compromising the overall masculine stance and performance. The fuel economy system is set around 18 mp for the city and 25 mpg for the highway. With inline four 2.3 liter capacity engine, the ride is able to produce 310 hp of power, which isn’t bad at all. The design comes with four seats arrangement and rear wheel driving system, believed to improve performance and overall outcome of the ride.

The Pros and Cons

Just like the other variants, there are also tons of good things you can expect from this 2018 Ford Mustang. The fact that it comes with EcoBoost system and its additional torque sounds promising. The GT exhaust system produces very nice growl sound, making Mustang not losing its masculinity and manly reputation. With the MagneRide suspension (designed to improve handle) and line locking mode, the overall performance is better – and definitely stronger. For the interior cabin, the digital display cluster isn’t only easy to manage and use, but also fun to operate. Not to mention that buyers can always enjoy the retro styling for the interior cabin.

2018 Ford Mustang interior
2018 Ford Mustang interior

However, nothing can be 100% perfect and the same case happens to this Mustang too. The room on the backseat is pretty limited. When compared to other competitors, the back area is quite limited. The outward visibility is somewhat not very much accessible, making it rather complicated for control. The overall driving feel is okay although it can be quite heavy on the corners. And the fact that this vehicle doesn’t come with front side parking sensor can be a downside.

Despite the flaws and downsides, you have to admit that the vehicle is offering something modern and nice. It isn’t bad, after all. The overall transformation from the muscle ride to sports vehicle with its all around design is super nice and responsive.

The Design

If you take a look at the design, the design is occupying the middle area – the one set between the Camaro (the modern vehicle) and the Challenger (the super retro vehicle). 2018 Ford Mustang comes in between, but it is claimed to have better technologies when compared to both. Since 2015, the company has done significant updates and development – mostly focusing on the performance. With the improved torque ability and also the refreshed styling on the outside as well as the inside, 2018 Ford Mustang is proven to be a sight for sore eyes.


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