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2018 BMW X1 Inexpensive Line And Specification


If you are thinking about buying a luxurious brand but you are rather low on the budgets, the 2018 BMW X1 can be an option. With less than $40,000, you can get a reliable brand with a very sturdy and solid construction. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect too much from it, especially if you are thinking about having the high-end features and performance. But in the overall retrospect, the ride should be enough to cater your basic needs – and it can do it with style.

The Good and Bad

Just like other products, there is something good about 2018 BMW X1 although you shouldn’t close your eyes about the downsides either. The turbo 4 engine is nice, even responsive. It is something you want to have when you are driving around with a solid brand. Not to mention that it is accompanied with responsive auto 8 speed transmission, which only adds the superiority of the car. The overall design is good although pretty subtle and not too much. The cargo area is pretty big and spacious, and the base model comes with very good value.

2018 BMW X1 exterior
2018 BMW X1 exterior

Despite all of the perks, there are still some downsides. The safety package, for a starter, is pretty expensive and costly. And the fact that the company doesn’t make manual transmission is something that is considered a downgrade. For the front seat area, the arrangement and the overall styling isn’t promising or considered the best. But then again, not many crossover with super luxurious brand would be willing to come up with an inexpensive ride without compromising (too much) of its features. So, consider it a good offer from Beemer.

The Design

There is no doubt that Beemer always comes with handsome and good looking design. With a basic design looking like a tall wagon, the ride looks solid, buff, and sturdy. With the combination of side shapes, front side bumpers, and kidney grille, Beemer maintains its signature look without making it look ugly or cheesy for this 2018 BMW X1. In short, this ride has an elegance poise and graceful stance.

2018 BMW X1 exterior
2018 BMW X1 exterior

For the interior cabin, the overall effect is pretty simple although there is a flair or luxury and exclusivity. The display screen on the dashboard will attract everyone’s attention. With wood accents, the cabin doesn’t look like a budget interior – at least for the untrained eyes.

The Engine and Performance

Although this variant may not have a boosting power, it is pretty adequate with excellent transmission. The all wheel driving system, the turbo four 2.0 liter engine, and the smooth handle is pretty enough to create an impressive ground. The outcome is 228 hp of power – which isn’t much if you expect a sports ride performance, but it should be enough. It is able to reach 60 mph within 6.4 seconds so it isn’t bad at all.

The 2018 BMW X1 price is set around $35,000 – making it a budget friendly ride with a touch of exclusivity and luxury. If you are thinking about having an inexpensive ride from a well-known brand, this 2018 BMW X1 won’t disappoint you.


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