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2018 Audi Q8 Price, The Worthy Spending for Improved Performance


Besides the consideration of 2018 Audi Q8 price, there are other updates and development to expect from the ride. It seems that Audi is getting busy these days – they are planning to launch the full electric e-Tron variant and also the new A6. With this Q8 coming in line, what else can you expect from the vehicle.

The Design

You have to admit that the overall design of the upcoming Q8 is quite catchy and interesting. It comes with big SUV dimension but in the luxurious coupe look. You can expect the combination of luxury, exclusivity, and also performance for the entire look. With the Space Frame concept (from Audi, naturally), this Q8 is lightweight without compromising the entire performance.

2018 Audi Q8 specs
2018 Audi Q8 specs

On the exterior front side, the single frame octagonal grille with chrome six vertical lines right across the grille will be something new introduced to the Q family.  There will be LED Matrix HD headlight along the turn signal and also daytime running light. On the body, the lines and contours are pretty muscular and athletic. Pair it up with coupe roofline and frameless door, and you have yourself a pretty handsome look. With a total length around 4,986mm and also 1,995mm width, the overall design is appealing. To add to the appeal, the new Q8 will have 12 colors, including Blue Galaxy and Orange Dragon.

These factors have led to a new concern, though. With all of the developments and upgrades, it would be logical to expect the new price is increase – at least from the previous models. But for how much? And is the price increase really worth such a thing?

The Engine

This Q8 will be coming with mild hybrid engine with tiptronic 8 speed transmission and also all wheel Quattro driving system. The power arrangement delivers 286 PS, able to reach 62 mph within 6.3 seconds and top speed reaching 144 mph. It isn’t bad, after all, with the hybrid system uses the li-ion battery.

2018 Audi Q8 engine
2018 Audi Q8 engine

There is another engine option with diesel 3.0 liter engine with 231 PS along with petrol 3.0 liter engine with 340 PS. However, these two smaller engines will be available next year – not right away after the production.

Performance and Technologies

2018 Audi Q8 performance
2018 Audi Q8 performance

To improve driving comfort and convenience, several driving assistance technologies will be included. You can expect such thing as cross rear traffic assist, Night Vision assist, crossing assist, lane change warning, emergency assist, curb warning, and such thing alike. For the interior cabin, there will be Audi Virtual Cockpit and its display screen in 12.3 inch design, created to deliver navigation and classic view.

Price and Release Date

Although there hasn’t been any accurate or exact confirmation about the 2018 Audi Q8 release date, rumor has it that the company will start launching in the UK – and it is likely that they are going to introduce it around summer time in 2018. The manufacturing process will take place in Bratislava plant. For the 2018 Audi Q8 price, it is set for around £78,000.


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