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2018 Audi e-Tron Price for The Full Electric Technology


When we are talking about 2018 Audi e-Tron price, we should also be talking (and discussing) about the new improvement that the vehicle has.  Audi has been familiar with the e-Tron name and also concept because they have included it in the Q7 and also A3 as the part of their hybrid technology. However, what is about to come is the full electric vehicle. It would be the first full electric ride that the company has produced. With the construction of an SUV and the full electric control, Audi is pretty sure that they will be able to compete against Jaguar i-Pace. But will their efforts succeed? Will this SUV prove to be something worthy and futuristic?

Price and Release Date

2018 Audi e-Tron
2018 Audi e-Tron

So far, all we know that Audi has prepared around 250 of the prototypes. If you want to get the details of it, you should wait for the 2018 Audi e-Tron release date, which has been confirmed during Audi Brand Summit taking place in Shenzhen around the 5th of June. The new e-tron should be introduced to the public in San Francisco around the 17th of September. Interested buyers can also start reserving their orders since the data and placing $1000 for deposit. The money is completely refundable so there shouldn’t any concern about it. The car should be ready by the end of 2018 for Europeans while it will be the early 2019 for Americans. Reserving online and placing money for deposits are encouraged so people can have their priority order.

Auto experts are curious about the production stage and how the new model will be. It seems that Audi is ambitious enough to be coming with several designs. It is possible that they are going to have Quattro e-tron although Audi has confirmed that they are going to produce the SUV and then the Sportback. In 2020, they will be releasing 3 electric vehicles. What is more superb than that?

For the 2018 Audi e-Tron price, it is set for around £60,000 although Rupert Stadler, the chairman, was saying around €80,000 during the Annual Press Conference of the company. But nothing official has been said afterwards.

The 2018 Audi e-Tron price is pretty realistic, considering that even the Jaguar i-Pace line will be sold for around £63,000. When you compare Audi to another line, such as Model X from Tesla with its £88,000 tag price for the 100D all wheel type, the one set by Audi seems affordable. From this range price, you can tell that the new e-tron will be classified as the premium and exclusive SUV.

The Engine

2018 Audi e-Tron engine
2018 Audi e-Tron engine

For the engine, Audi claims that they will be using the 95 kWh battery, producing 400 kilometers of coverage. It supports the 150 kW charging with full charging capacity can take place for around 30 minutes. Although the details about the performance are still shady, some sources claim that they expect extreme acceleration almost the same as the Sport models (from Audi, of course), so it should be exciting. The car is claimed to reach 62 mpg within 4.6 seconds, having 800 Nm of torque. This, in fact, is pretty impressive. The numbers are similar to Model X Tesla and i-Pace Jaguar so there isn’t anything exaggerated about it. Of course, the 2018 Audi e-Tron price is worth the performance – if any of the claims is true.


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