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2018 Audi A7 Review for The Outcome Of The Ride


If you are thinking about buying a new A7, you should read about 2018 Audi A7 review so you can learn about the strength and also downsides of the vehicle. Just like the others, there will be some winning elements as well as the possible disappointment. But in the end, it is down to your preference and how you want to achieve the best outcome about this ride.

The Pros and Cons

2018 Audi A7
2018 Audi A7

Based on some of the current 2018 Audi A7 review , there are some things to like about this new variant. The design is marvelous and fashionable – you can be sure that it will draw attention. The balance and the handle are superb – it feels excellent and perfect. Controlling the ride is surprisingly smooth and simple. The interior cabin is comfy and there is a sense of exclusivity about it. Not to mention that it comes with high-end technologies, designed to help drivers achieve the best driving outcome. And what about the hatchback design? Yes, it is a four door sedan with a twist of a hatchback addition. After all, such a design is meant to improve use and functionality.

Of course, not everything is perfect – and the same thing also applies to this ride. The steering feedback is pretty limited. The rear seat space and area is limited – if not cramped. Despite the hatchback design, this ride is probably smaller than you have expected before. But in the overall effect, if you are expecting a luxury ride with mid size arrangement, there’s nothing better than this A7. It comes with a balanced style and performance. Not to mention that the 2018 Audi A7 price is considered quite an offer – with the $69,700 price tag, it isn’t impossible to achieve luxury outcome.

If you take a look at the basic concept, this A7 is inspired from the A6. However, the A7 is pricier because of the roofline design and the added cargo-carry performance. From the performance, the A7 shares similarities as the S7. It’s no wonder if the ride gains a positive rating from many auto review experts.

The General Specs

There are some positive elements about this ride, if you read the 2018 Audi A7 review . For a starter, the ride comes with V6 supercharged 3.0 liter capacity that delivers 340 hp of power, which is impressive enough. It includes refreshing styles and firmer suspension, designed to improve the outcome and performance of the ride. There are some available trims for this variant, such as the Prestige trim and the Premium Plus.

2018 Audi A7
2018 Audi A7

The A7 is coming with nice speed and engine arrangement, believed to boost the outcome with the paired auto 8 speed transmission. It is also coming with all wheel driving system – allowing the ride to deliver fast and also agile driving ability.

You have to admit that the A7 is beautifully designed and crafted. For instance, the sleek and stylish roofline speaks volume of the beautiful style. However, such a beautiful roofline is responsible for the tight and cramp rear seat area – which is quite unfortunate. Read the in-depth 2018 Audi A7 review and see how the car works for your preference.


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