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2018 Audi A4 New Improvement And Perfect Outcome


If you look at the design of 2018 Audi A4, you will see a sleek vehicle with gorgeous model and style. In fact, you can say that this ride has the perfect combination of luxury vehicle and sporty style – not every car manufacturers can produce such a nice blend in the most satisfying way. According to the manufacturer, there are some improvements and developments of the ride, creating a perfect performance and also smooth outcome.

The Pros and Cons

There are some things to like about the vehicles but be mindful about the possible downsides too. For instance, the 2018 Audi A4 price is set around $36,000 making it listed as one of the luxury ride. However, if you don’t really like too much elegance or poise, no need to worry – this ride has a nice combination of the sporty element so there is a great balance between being sporty and elegant at the same time.

2018 Audi A4
2018 Audi A4

Some of the things to like about this vehicle is the nice engine arrangement. Audi is definitely making a progress on the engine sector, creating a promising powertrain. The design of Allroad wagon creates a sense of sportiness, which can be appealing. When the elegant design is matched with the nice and comfy interior cabin, you can expect a perfect outcome. The interior cabin, after all, comes with elegant styling and appearance. Not to mention that it is packed with high tech and handy features to improve convenience and use. Safety features are improved and they are considered handy. From the positive aspect of 2018 Audi A4, these are the things to like.

However, you can’t expect this ride to be 100% perfect. There would be some downsides and flaws. For instance, most auto enthusiasts claim that the style and design aren’t improving much. Unfortunately, along with the updated improvements, the price has increased quite significantly. When compared to other competitors, some critics say that the others have sharper ability to control and drive.

In the end, the luxury and sophisticated vehicle has the greatest benefits as well as some possible flaws. But the Virtual Cockpit is one of the things to like about the high tech features. And the fact that this ride is available in the form of Allroad wagon and compact sporty sedan just creates a flexible option for the interested buyers. also pass by to one of recommended interior blog for your lifestyle.

The Engine

With inline 4 turbocharged engine of 2.0 liter capacity, the ride is able to produce 190 hp of power for the base trim while the higher trim is able to deliver 252 hp of power. It is paired with automatic dual clutch 7 speed transmission and also front wheel driving system. For the higher trim, there are two options for the transmission: the automatic dual clutch or the manual 6 speed transmission.  The fuel economy system is set around 27 mpg for the city and 37 mpg for the highway – which isn’t bad after all.

2018 Audi A4 engine
2018 Audi A4 engine

Although most critics claim that the design is a bit plain and there isn’t much of the sporty element, the overall look is pretty good. After all, Audi has the S4 to meet the sporty market and demand. So, what do you think of 2018 Audi A4?


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