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2018 Aston Martin DBS The Luxury Vehicle With Twin Turbo Engine


Aston Martin is always associated with class, elegance, and luxury, so you can expect the same thing from 2018 Aston Martin DBS. However, you may not really like the price range because this is a super exclusive and also expensive ride. With a tag price of around $500,000, this is a ride that is designed not for everyone. This is considered one of the finest lines in Aston Martin GT with the V12 twin turbo engine.

The Pros and Cons

Just like the other promising rides with its strength and flaws, you should also expect the same thing  from this vehicle. There are some of the greatest features to expect from this ride, such as the nice engine picks and the clever arrangement in the power delivery department. This is also a nice ride that you can use for every usage. Let’s not forget that that design is super attractive and appealing – you can tell that it is beautiful from different angles.

2018 Aston Martin DBS
2018 Aston Martin DBS

However, this seemingly perfect 2018 Aston Martin DBS comes with its downsides and flaws. The infotainment system doesn’t seem to match with the entire construction and design. It seems out of place with the overall styles and designs. The gearshift is not very smooth and compromising, making the entire driving experience difficult and harsh.

About 2018 Aston Martin DBS

This DBS comes with nice performance and also a boosting speed, and everything is wrapped in the elegant and attractive design. And the fact that it comes with aggressive and powerful V12 engine with its signature roaring sound that will create an even appealing outcome for the vehicle. Aston Martin believes that speed is crucial but the entire performance is the key to satisfying outcome so they won’t focus only on the speed.

2018 Aston Martin DBS
2018 Aston Martin DBS

Rumor has it that the DBS line is created to replace the Vanquish. After all, Vanquish has been considered as one of the best lines from Aston Martin that has been going for 5 years, so it is only logical that the company wants to create the same best product. With a tag price of $517,000, this is definitely an expensive ride. If you are looking for info about 2018 Aston Martin DBS release date, you may have to wait until the company has the official information.

The Design

On the exterior side, this line is designed with improved cooling technology and aerodynamic performance. The development team is working so hard to improve the design, combining architecture and also engine ability.  What about the interior cabin of 2018 Aston Martin DBS? It is beautiful and aesthetic with many handmade accents and also premium overall quality. When it is added the 360 degree camera, keyless entry, satellite nav, DAB radio, and even tire pressure monitor, you can expect a satisfying outcome.

The Engine

2018 Aston Martin DBS engine
2018 Aston Martin DBS engine

With V12 twin turbo 5.2 liter capacity, the vehicle is able to reach 100 kilometer per hour within 3.4 seconds with top speed reaching 340 kilometer per hour. When you compare this ride with other sporty rides, this one may not be too fast but then again, the 2018 Aston Martin DBS is all about comfort.

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