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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Stylish Wagon


2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be a great proof that a wagon can look super stylish, fashionable, and luxurious – and all of that can be achieved without creating lousy or cheesy effect. The SUV has been designed to improve functionality and also style. When Lamborghini was creating Urus, Alfa Romeo doesn’t want to be left behind. After all, they are the brand that has made the Giulia sedan as one of the best rides ever. It is quite refreshing how they manage to combine the SUV design and luxurious (and also sporty) effect to the ride. In the end, not only you can enjoy the fashionable SUV, but you can also gain the best outcome for its performance.

The Good and Bad

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio exterior
2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio exterior

When it comes to the design, you have to admit that it is one of the most appealing and attractive look. Think of it as the Giulia but in the wagon style – quite unique and appealing, right? This is what expected from the company, after all. The attractive and good looking design can be matched up with the impressive power and punchy power. The cargo space is spacious and quite generous. The ride itself is pretty smooth and easy to control. Some of these winning factors make 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio a worthy option for a reliable ride.

However, let’s not forget that you should be prepared for the downsides too. For the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio price starting around $43,000, you definitely expect tons of good features, right? Unfortunately, the interior cabin may not live to your expectation. When compared to the price, the interior cabin is quite so-so, almost to the point of a downgrade. Moreover, the overall dimension and size of the vehicle is pretty small and limited despite the generous and spacious cargo space – this is a pretty mind-boggling fact, don’t you think?

But in the overall sense, the ride has tons of promising features that can be promising in the event that you expect a smooth and reliable performance.

The Design

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio interior
2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio interior

As it was mentioned before, this 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the wagon version of the stylish Giulia. It comes with low slung roof line, sexy stance, and impressive shapes and lines that support the overall appearance. The four door SUV has the appealing curves and edges that creates an elegant and yet fashionable stance. Thanks to the aluminum construction, the ride is also lighter, affecting driving ability and speed.

The Engine

This one is running on the inline four turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity, delivering 280 hp of power along with automatic eight speed transmission. It is also backed up with the all wheel driving system, believed to create an impressive and quality driving outcome. Despite the light construction, the fuel economy system is quite a downside. It has only 19 mpg for the city and 26 mpg for the highway – which is quite a downside when you view the strength and power.

In the overall end, this vehicle is one of good looking rides produced in 2018 model although not all of the performances are considered satisfying. But still, having the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio in your possession can be quite a good outcome factor.


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