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2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD Improvements in Style and Performance


There are some improvements that you should able to find from 2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD. Some of the exterior designs are experiencing some refreshing work but you can still see the signature style of Giulia. Of course, there are some changes happening on the machine as well as technologies, but are they worth it? Is it worth the price range too?

The General Specs

When we are talking about 2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD price, we talk about a price range around $41,500. Its performance is reaching 280 hp of power. The mpg is pretty nice and decent but Alfa can actually do better. With 22 mpg for the city and 38 mpg for the highway, the overall performance isn’t bad at all.

2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD
2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD

There are some things you will like about the new model, such as responsive and fast acceleration and also powerful engines. Not to mention that this ride gets a high score on the safety system. Another thing to like is the perfect and impressive driving machine – one of the best features from the ride. Be prepared of the downsides, though. The performance reliability is unknown and the interior finish isn’t as promising as everyone has expected.

The Current Improvement

The new 2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD is coming on its second year model, featuring more alimunium wheels with speaker chrome door surrounds, and also high quality audio system. There is also the Plus Forward Waning Collision system that will improve the safety features of the ride. Interested buyers are now given two options for Giulia Sport and base Giulia. If you choose the Sports model, you can get satellite radio with its 8.8 inch display screen, premium Harman Kardon audio, aluminum Bright Turbine 18-inch, and also two color combo for the interior. With the leather Ice and Black interior, along with the accented Dark Gray stitching, you can expect an exclusive outcome with the cabin.

The Engine and Power

2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD engine
2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD engine

The 2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD is coming with standard engine of turbocharged 2.0 liter capacity, delivering 280 hp of power and 306 Nm of torque. If you choose the rear wheel Q2 driving model, you can enjoy the 24 mpg for the city and 33 mpg for the highway. However, if you choose the Q4 type, you enjoy the 23 mpg for the city and 31 mpg for the highway. For some people the 280 hp of power may not be enough to include this ride as the powerful sporty vehicle, but they can always choose the Quadrifoglio model with its rear wheel system is able to deliver 505 hp of power, thanks to the twin turbo V6 2.9 liter engine.

The Safety Features

One of the main highlights for this ride is the safety features. They get the highest Superior rating in front crash prevention test. They also get all GOOD rating in the crash test checking (the 5 of them!). you can expect Adaptive Control Cruise Plus, Lane Departure Warning, auto high beam, and also Dynamic Driver Assistance Plus. What do you think about this 2018 Alfa Giulia 2.0T AWD?


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