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2018 Acura RLX Review for the Refreshed Design and Performance


There are some positive points in 2018 Acura RLX review, especially about the performance and also quality of the ride. Although the 2018 Acura RLX price is set higher, around $59,000, some enthusiasts and experts claim that it is worth the spending because buyers can expect all of the good stuff from the new Acura. After all, the company still has its own charms – and the RLX has its own shares of the signature style. Expect some changes happening to the variants – whether it is the design as well as the engine arrangement.

The Design

2018 Acura RLX
2018 Acura RLX

As it was mentioned before, there are some updates and refreshing transformation happening to the new RLX. For a starter the beak grille is now gone, replaced by the pentagonal nose which is considered more stylish and beautiful. From the engine point of view, the auto 10 speed transmission is now paired with the V6 engine, delivering 310 hp of power. If you are looking for a faster and more reliable version, choose the Sport Hybrid with its 377 hp of power. Despite the transformations and updates, the RLX is still lacking Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – which can be a downgrade point.

The Good and Bad

According to 2018 Acura RLX review, there are some stronger points of the new RLX – although there are also some downsides about the line. Comfy seats are some promising factors to like about the new RLX. With the higher price setting, the value of the ride is also increasing so it is basically worth the investment. The driver technology and aid are all coming in the standard mode, delivering strong and solid performance – not disappointing at all.

2018 Acura RLX interior
2018 Acura RLX interior

However, if you are looking for something new about the style, it would be difficult to find. The navigation system is pretty slow – which is quite a downside. Some auto enthusiasts claim that the paint quality is not as high-quality as expected. If you are able to look beyond those downsides, you should find this vehicle to worth your purchase. After all, the company has tried to retune, restyle, and re-create the new design, so you should commend their efforts. If you can look pass those barriers, you should be able to see a stylish and elegant sedan – with all of the features you like, minus the smartphone integration.

The Engine and Performance

With the all wheel driving system (optional), there are tons of good features to expect from this line. It is running on different mechanical options. For a starter, it is running on the V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is delivering 310 hp of power. The same arrangement isn’t new because it has been applied in Odyssey minivan for the 2018 model. But then again, you have to appreciate the company for their efforts. The standard driving system is the front wheel type. But then again, there is the front wheel driving RLX that is paired with automatic six speed transmission, able to reach 60 mph within 5.8 seconds. So, what do you think about this 2018 Acura RLX review?


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