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2016 Honda Civic Sedan Reviews to Read


Although there are new Civic products from Honda, the 2016 Honda Civic sedan is still able to be the favorite option to choose. Honda did some great jobs in this car version. The 2016 Civic got significant redesigned from the previous version. The manufacture said they gave the new interior and exterior styling, more powerful engine and better fuel efficient and other special things.

We may see that the 2016 Civic became the smallest and the most affordable coupe and sedan. By the detail configurations, especially some new features inside the car, 2016 Civic could be excellent option for those who want to get the high-class sense in their journey.

Now, let us see some reviews of it below.

The Overview

The nice 2016 Honda Civic came with the 2.0L V4 standard engine. The engine is nice with its 158 horsepower in maximal power. Then, it also applied the continuously variable transmission or CVT with 27/38 MPG score. The engine was also special by the six-speed manual transmission. Besides, there was also 1.5L V4 engine option, which will deliver up to 140 horsepower.

The appearance of the old 2016 Civic is also nice. It applied the modern concept in its front bumper and LED headlight. Besides, the car was also good by the new dashboard concept. Now, there was a clear 7-inch touchscreen display to show the clearer GPS. Then, it also has some new entertainment stuffs, which could color your journey.

Safety Features

Safety is one of the most important matter to consider in buying the car. How about the safety inside the 2016 Honda Civic sedan? Here, the car offered the complete safety accessories. Inside the car, there was a new safety belt delivering better usage than the previous version. Then, for the brake technology, it applied the ABS new system for the better performance.

What We Think

Although the 2016 Honda Civic is not the newest product of Honda, it could be listed as the modern car to choose. The car was good by its spacious and high-class quality interior. Besides, it was also special by the powerful and efficient engine, especially the turbo engine. Then, the car was also nice by new safety system.

However, this car still had some lags. It had the complex infotainment system and sometimes, there was problem inside the engine. That is all about the 2016 Honda Civic sedan. Maybe, today, you could find it with used condition.

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