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2016 Honda Accord Sedan, A Good Option with Some New Innovations


Although it is not the newest products from Honda, the 2016 Honda Accord sedan could be one of the favorite cars to choose. As we know, Honda is one of the most favorite car manufactures in the world. This Japanese car manufacture always provides the great product to pleasant their worldwide customers. The 2016 Accord includes in the great product made by Honda.

This car is good by the elegant and modern concept. It applies the well combination in its appearance and performance. By the good look and impressive engine, the 2016 Accord could make your journey more colorful. In this occasion, we will talk about some reviews of it. Please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Exclusive Modern Design

The 2016 Honda Accord comes to the market with the exclusive modern design. The design of this car is very nice and very sleek. It applies the simple design, which we could see the body of this car is plain. The body itself uses the carbon as the base material, so the weight of it could be decreased and the acceleration of 2016 will be better than before.

Still talking about the exterior side, the Accord applies the coupe car style. It means there are only two big doors in every side of the car. Then, the car is also good by the modern-sharp headlights in the front side completed by LED technology. For the main color, white-bone becomes the great color to consider when you want to get it home.

Awesome Interior Design

By applying the coupe style, there is only a line seat inside the 2016 Accord. By this matter, of course the maximal capacity of this car is only for two adult passengers. Seeing this matter, it could be seen that actually 2016 Honda Accord sedan is an exclusive car to drive.

The interior itself comes with the awesome concept. The seat is made using the high-class leather for the base material, which will over high comfort. In other hand, the space of the seat is also larger, so passengers could sit in their best position. Another good matter inside the car is the complete entertainment tool in its dashboard, such as the music player, GPS, and others.

Impressive Engine Performance

Besides its exclusive look, the 2016 Honda Accord also has the impressive engine performance. The base engine of this car is 3.0L V6. It is a big engine for sedan car. By the use of the engine, this car is able to reach more than 225 HP for maximal power. Besides, the engine is also completed by the turbo technology. By the use of this feature, the engine will be more powerful and has higher acceleration.

Well, that is all about the 2016 Honda Accord sedan. This car is still relevant today and the price of it is maybe around $29,000.

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