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2015 Honda Accord Sedan Details to Read


The 2015 Honda Accord sedan is not the newest product of Honda since there are the 2016, 2017 and 2018 versions of Accord in the market. However, although there are new versions of Accord, the 2015 edition still could be good option to consider, especially for those who want to change their car into Honda product with cheap price.

The 2015 Accord became the special option in its prime time. It was actually a midsize car placed in the sedan and coupe class in body style. The car was available with the two kinds of engine gas specs and a hybrid powertrain. It includes the first generation car that applied the hybrid engine in history.

The Overview

The major version of the 2015 Accord came with the 2.4L V4 engine. It was a good engine and it was able to produce up to 185 horsepower. The engine itself was also good by the use of continuously variable transmission or CVT completed by six speed manual.

Then, for the hybrid version, the 2015 Honda Accord came with 2.0L V4 hybrid engine. It was a good hybrid engine delivered up to 196 horsepower. The engine was also impressive with the 50/45 MPG score. Of course, the hybrid engine was also good by the better fuel efficiency.

The lager engine specs of 2015 Accord came with 3.5L V6. It could be said as the special engine. The V6 engine was able to reach up to 278 horsepower and it was completed by six-speed manual transmission. Then, the score of the fuel efficiency was 18/28 MPG.

Pros of Car

As we have said before, the 2015 Honda Accord sedan is not the newest product of Honda. However, this car has some pros, which could be the reasons why you could place it in your list of favorite car. Some kinds of its pros, which you need to know, are:

  • Applying the well-tuned hybrid powertrain
  • Get the decent handling to increase the driving sense
  • Having good fuel economy, so you could enjoy the long journey without worrying about fuel

What We Think

Based on several points above, we may see that 2015 Honda Accord is good with its features. Although it is not the newest Honda’s product, the features show it is still relevant to drive today. However, I am sure that the 2015 Accord is only available in used condition now.

Well, that is all about the 2015 Honda Accord sedan. For the price of the used car, we assume that maybe it is around $11,000.

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