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2012 Ford Focus Sedan: A Brief Review for Consideration


The 2012 Ford Focus sedan became a very nice sedan in its prime time. It was actually applied as the new generation of Focus coming with significant changes. Ford inside this car did best changes, such as improving the performance, modifying the fuel economy and styling the old models. With the changes of the car, customers said it was their best option, in 2012.

However, it was six years ago. There are many changes inside Ford and they made some new products, especially for the Focus series itself. However, although it is not the newest product of Ford, the 2012 Focus is still relevant to drive today. Yes, it is because actually the specification of this car is quite good.

Overview of 2012 Focus

Although it included in sedan family, this car got the sense of hatchback. For the starter, the 2012 Focus came with 2.0L V4 turbocharger engine. The engine was good by its 160 horsepower in maximal power. The engine itself was also nice by the six-speed dual clutch automatic. It was able to reach 60mph only in 8.3 seconds.

Besides the good engine, Focus also did some best jobs inside the car. Yes, the 2012 Ford Focus came with new concept in its interior. The car came with the luxurious class of interior detail. It had several new accessories, such as Bluetooth, new navigation, active park assists, and others. Then, the spacious space inside the car also provided better comfortable sitting place for passengers.

Pros of 2012 Focus

Seeing the year of 2012 Ford Focus sedan, we may see that it is an old car for today. However, there are some interesting matters inside the 2012 Ford Focus, which could be evidences that it is still relevant to drive today. Some kinds of the pros of it are:

  • Created by the modern and special design class
  • Having the great fuel economy level
  • Many new accessories inside the car, including the teach features
  • Providing the sporty demeanor

With the good factors as above, it could be seen that this car is still nice to drive today. However, you only will find this car in used condition today because Ford did upgrade for their products.

What We Think

We cannot deny that the newer products of Ford are better than the 2012 Focus. However, seeing the detail specs of 2012 Ford Focus sedan, we could conclude that it could be the alternative, especially for those who want to buy a cheap car with nice technology and performance.

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