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2009 Infinity G37 Sedan Review


Infinity G37 belongs to the bottom lineup of Infinity series. However, it becomes the most entertaining option compared to the other models. Here, we are interested to discuss about 2009 Infinity G37 Sedan. Actually, G37 is available in both sedan & coupe. However, the sedan model is higher in demand. Even though there are many new versions, this old one still attracts many customers. For the detailed specs, here is the review.

2009 Infinity G37 Sedan Design

The exterior of 2009 G37 is similar looks too old now. However, it does not mean that this car is not interesting. The strong body makes its exterior attractive enough. Everything comes in standard both coupe & sedan. So, it is better to focus on other aspects.

Moving to inside, 2019 Infinity G37 comes with leather seats that are comfortable. Besides that, the superb high quality materials make its interior look handsome. Then, the searing position is like a sports car. In addition, you can also find excellent rear seat comfort & space in the 4-door. Overall, there is nothing disappointing related to the design both exterior and interior.

2009 Infinity G37 Sedan Specs

With 4-door sedan body, 2009 Infinity G37 sedan uses gasoline petrol engine. With this engine, the sedan car is able to deliver up to 328 horsepower. Besides that, it can also produce 269 pounds feet of torque. For the speed, this Infinity G37 can run up to 278 kilometers per hour. In relation to the acceleration, it can run from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. For the fuel consumption & mileage, it offers 21 miles per gallon.

Still related to 2009 Infinity G37 specs, it offers different transmissions and driving systems. It depends on the trims. In fact, it offers a few different trims that you can choose. For the driving system, there are 4WD and RWD. In relation to the transmissions, it offers 6 speed manual transmissions as well as 7 speed automatic transmissions. Different trims also produce different performances.

2009 Infinity G37 Sedan Prices

To know about 1999 Infinity G37 sedan price, you should compare the trims available. The first is 4dr Base RWD. The MSRP is 33,250 dollars but now it costs around 7,587 dollars. Besides, there is 4dr Journey RWD. The MSRP is 33,700 dollars and now it is priced at 7,595 dollars. The next is 4dr Sport RWD. Its MSRP is 34,250 dollars whereas the average paid is 8,565 dollars. Another trim is 4dr x AWD that comes with 35,750 dollars MSRP and 8,036 dollars average paid.

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