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2005 Honda Civic Sedan: Good Old Car to Enjoy


2005 Honda Civic sedan includes in first generation of Civic. This old car was very special car in its prime time. It became the favorite of Honda’s customers around the world. However, since Honda makes many new products with better specification, people started to leave the old 2005 Civic. However, it still becomes the option for somebody else.

Buying the old 2005 Civic sometimes becomes the solution for those who want to test the old Honda products with the cheap price. Yes, in its prime time, the price of this car was around $13,000. However, today, the used car is priced only around 3$3,200. By the cheap price –and the car had good specs, buying the old 2005 Civic can be profitable decision.

Overview of Design

The old 2005 Civic came to the market with very simple design. The body is plain and there are no special accessories there. The bumper of this car was also simple with the logo of Honda in its middle. Besides, the headlights are also very simple with the big shape. Everything in its body was still usual. However, it was elegant in its time, especially by the metallic color.

Still talking about the exterior aspect, Honda applied the sedan as the type of old 2005 Civic. By its type, the old Civic has four big doors each side of car. Then, in the backside, there is also a simple trunk. The simple trunk could be the space, which will be able to keep some stuffs during the journey.

Interesting Interior

Move to the interior, the old 2005 Honda Civic has an interesting interior specs. Although the detail of the interior is worse than the new version, I think the interior was still good and comfortable. There are two seats lines there and the maximal capacity of this car is five adult passengers. Then, for the dashboard, there is no touchscreen display.

Yes, the dashboard was still simple with the usual appearance to. No GPS, which could lead you in your journey. Besides, the entertainment stuff of this old 2005 Civic was only the FM radio. However, the seats used leather as the base material, so passengers will get the comfortable sitting place. Then, it also had good AC to control the temperature.

Nice Engine

The base engine of 2005 Honda Civic sedan was 1.7L V4 turbocharger engine. I am sure that the engine could be said as the ‘usual engine’. However, the engine was good a decade ago. It was able to reach up to 115 horsepower and it was completed by 5-speed manual transmission. Although the engine of 2005 Honda Civic is not good as the newest version, I think it is still good enough to cover your daily needs.

Well, that is all about the 2005 Honda Civic sedan. I am sure, it could be wise option for old car today.

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