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2004 Honda Civic Sedan: The Old Car but Nice Product


Seeing the year of 2004 Honda Civic sedan, we may say that actually it is an old car for today. Yes, the 2004 Civic has been released more than a decade ago. However, this car was a popular and great car in its prime time. Today, new edition of Civic are available with the new concept and better performance. However, some people still look for the 2004 edition because of the price reason.

Yes, buying the old and used car sometimes could be the solution. This idea will be effective to help you finding the good car with cheap price. Moreover, the product of Honda is always good. Today, we assume that the price of old 2004 Civic is only $4,000. It is a very cheap price, especially when you could get the used car with the well condition.

The Overview of 2004 Civic

The 2004 Civic actually included in the very first generation of Civic. The car offered some special features, which made it famous a decade ago. For the engine specs, it applied the 1.7L V4 turbocharger engine. It was a good engine, which could reach up to 115 horsepower in maximal. Then, the engine of 2004 Honda Civic used the 5-speed manual transmission for giving the better handling sense.

Not only the engine specs, actually the 2004 Civic was also good by its design. The design of its exterior was simple. It was plain but high in elegance. Then, it applied the old and classic bumper with Honda’s logo on the center.

Then, for the interior aspects, the manufacture also did well job. There are two line seats covering up to 5 adult passengers in maximal. The seats are also good because of the use of high-class leather. However, the entertainment tools were still very usual. There was no navigation, Bluetooth or other modern accessories. The main entertainment tool inside the 2004 Honda Civic sedan was FM radio.

The Safety of 2004 Civic

The 2004 Honda Civic actually also applied the good safety accessories. Here, for the brake type, the old 2004 Civic had front disc brake and rear drum. It was a good technology that time, which could stop the car safely.

In other hand, inside the 2004 Civic, the manufacture applied the nice front seat belts with the comfortable matter. However, this old 2004 Civic still has no airbag, as we may see it inside the modern and new car products.

What We Think

I am sure that the newer products of Honda are better than 2004 Civic. However, seeing the detail specs of 2004 Honda Civic sedan, this old car could be the option for lower price car. However, you need to be selective in choosing the used car.

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