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2002 Honda Civic Engine 1.7L 4 Cylinder Coupe Sedan in the Eyes of the Customers


Are you going to buy new car to buy? You don’t always have to aim for the latest releases to make the best choice of all. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong about choosing among the old releases. 2002 Honda Civic Engine 1.7L 4 Cylinder Coupe Sedan is one of the kinds that is worth to consider. Since it is one of the old releases, there must be many customer reviews already. Finding out about them could tell you what’s so good and lacking about this car. Let’s see below and get things clear.

Gas Mileage and Reliability for Fun Drive

If there is something that makes people consider of choosing it, it would be its gas mileage and reliability. One can get low 40s MPG. With that, you see that this car offers excellent gas mileage. Even with such mileage, 2002 Honda Civic Coupe Sedan model handles very well. You don’t need to question about its reliability. It will keep running as strong as the day you first bought it, for sure. That is why people love to trust the car and give it a go for some kind of tests. Now, let’s see here.

Best Features the Car Has to Offer to You

The engine and gas mileage are not the only things customers love from this car here. There are best features that come along with it. Of all things, many customers seem to be really fond of it offering large trunk, roomy interior, and arm rest on driver’s seat. Honda Civic 2002 Coupe Sedan features are so well included. From that, we can tell that this car is well designed too. You are guaranteed to have comfortable driving experience, despite it being one of the old releases to take into account.

What People Expect

With everything the car has to offer, it proves to be wonderful choice to consider. If there is something that customers wish more from it, it would be for it to have a 6th gear. While it might be weak; but it should be able to offer better rpm. Still, many others do like 2002 Honda Civic Engine 1.7L 4 Cylinder Coupe Sedan as it is. It wouldn’t be so wrong for you to go with this car in the midst of people going with the newly released ones. If it meets your needs, it could be the best for you.

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