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1999 Honda Accord Sedan Review


1999 Honda Accord sedan still has many fans. In fact, there are many people who are looking for this sedan car rather than the newer versions. You may not be familiar with this old car. So, it is very interesting to know further about its specs. Then, how much is this now? This all will be discussed in this article below.

1999 Honda Accord Sedan Design

Starts from the exterior, this old Honda sedan car has auto off exterior light control. Besides that, it also comes with remote keyless entry for all doors. Then, it also features power with 2 stage unlock doors. In addition, it also offers optional content theft deterrent alarm system and panic alarm. Even though the exterior design looks old, the body is strong enough.

For the interior, there are some important features. In relation to the safety, it offers airbags for the driver & front passenger. In case of comfort, it comes with high adjustable safety belts for the front chairs. Then, this sedan also has halogen headlights. Even though the interior does not look luxurious, it is comfortable enough for both driver and passengers.

1999 Honda Accord Sedan Specs

Here are the specs of Honda Accord Sedan 1999. There are 2 options of engine used by this old Honda sedan car. The first trim comes with 3.0 Liter and Regular Unleaded Petrol engine. This engine is paired with 4 speed auto transmissions. The second trim uses the same engine and petrol option. However, it is mated to 5 speed manual transmission.

1999 Honda Accord Sedan Competitors

1999 Honda Accord Sedan has some rivals. One of the best competitors is Ford Taurus. Besides that, there is also Toyota Camry that has many fans. Anyway, this Honda sedan car is still considered as one of the best-selling Honda cars in America. With smooth driving and responsive suspension, this is suitable for family car. This is also well known as a user friendly car. That is why it really get much attentions.

1999 Honda Accord Sedan Prices

In the past, the price of this Honda sedan car is high enough. However, now you can buy the used ones cheaply. Actually, the prices are different based on some aspects such as mileage, condition, etc. However, based on the data, 1999 Honda Accord sedan price starts from 2,650 dollars. This is the lowest price you can find now. However, it is not the fixed price. The highest price of 1999 Honda Accord Sedan offered by dealers or owners is up to 3,290 dollars.

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